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The Leadership Lab

Trinity’s Leadership Lab is an intensive summer leadership training program that offers youth summer employment, volunteer work, and the opportunity to heighten their leadership skills. Trinity draws together teams of youth representing the diversity of their communities in urban and rural settings.  In this intergenerational program, youth become skilled in global competencies, conducting social scans and resource inventories of their local communities, and developing a service mindset through the creation of youth-led local projects.


Core Activities

Fostering relationships through building intergenerational mentoring partnerships

Connecting with community experientially through asset mapping and service projects

Practicing compassionate leadership 

Building global competencies and transferable skills through personal development

Youth collaborate in the development of leadership training programs and resource materials, create outreach strategies to engage their peers in meaningful volunteer service opportunities, and foster intergenerational relationships in their local neighbourhoods.  They build skills in mentoring, community networking, and partnership building towards the practice of compassionate leadership.

Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.

According to the 2020 Trinity Leadership Lab post-program survey:

85% of participants reported that the program encouraged them to explore their community further, get involved with community programs, organizations, and opportunities.

95% of participants reported significant improvement in understanding of the infrastructure of their community and Canada.

100% of participants reported that they were able to gain insight and ideas from the diverse group of individuals involved in the program.

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