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Youth-led Projects

Being engaged in community through volunteer projects, besides the obvious benefits each project brings to its local neighbourhood, is a way young leaders can learn about both themselves and their peers.

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Westdale Blooms

WestDale Blooms is a project in the neighbourhoods of Weston and Rexdale. It focuses on beautifying the neighbourhood and addressing food insecurity through the creation of in-school community gardens.

Their initiatives include sharing Sow-A-Plant kits, conducting online workshops on topics like 3Rs, Healthy and Sustainable Living, etc.

Friends for Change

The Friend for Change is a mentorship program with students of Greenwood Secondary School and Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute. 

The project helps in building strong supportive networks especially for Greenwoods newcomer students through peer mentorship and self-reflection.

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Social Justice Digital Library (SJDL)

The Social Justice Digital Library is an open and accessible platform to know more about social justice issues.

The SJDL is a digital repository that allows students to share their experiences on social justice issues and create awareness using its resources and literature.

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Rethink: Substance Misuse

ReThink: Substance Misuse is a drug education and awareness program with a focus on prevention and intervention through peer-based support.

It aims to educate youth on substance misuse through a series of engaging workshops on topics such as, illicit drugs, cigarettes, tobacco, vaping, prescription drugs, and more.

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Arran-Elderslie Youth Council

In conjunction with the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie, the Arran-Elderslie Youth Council operates in Bruce County, Ontario. The Youth Council works to build a better community through youth-led initiatives such as, the Festival of Lights, the Arran-Elderslie Archives Podcast, and Finding Your Place: Empowering Women and Girls in Grey-Bruce.

Bridging Inequalities

Bridging Inequalities is a food and essentials distribution program run by youth volunteers. They serve Southern Bruce County and the surrounding area, cooking and distributing meals and essential supplies (menstrual products and more) to those located in this area.

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